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Bob Kimber, Submarine Chaser

Aleutian Islands during WWII

The Senior Activity Center of Pocatello/Chubbuck, Idaho is hosting a special presentation to local resident, WW II veteran, Bob Kimber.  These Islands are most known for the battles and skirmishes that occurred there during the occupation by the Japanese of the Aleutian Islands.

 Allison Everett, M. Ed., from Alaska, will present.



When:             July 6, 2016

Time:               11:30 a.m.

What:             Special Presentation: Honor for Bob Kimber military service in the region of the “Aleutian Islands” during WWII

Where:          Senior Activity Center, 427 N. 6th Ave., Pocatello, Idaho

Who:              We are reaching out to the entire community to come to this great event Plan to stay for a $5.00 lunch

“With regard to the Japanese - we are all allies now - but this is our history and the men who served to protect our way of life are to be appreciated and honored"

The Senior Activity Center invites all to attend.  We invite all military, veterans, public and public officials to join in this celebration




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